Prepare for a Global Audience

The App Store红包扫雷群发布 handles distribution and payments so that you’re prepared for a global audience. Here’s what you can do to prepare your app and marketing materials.

Structure your app to support localized content.红包扫雷群发布 Create separate user-visible text and images from your executable code. When you translate these elements into your desired languages, you can integrate the content back into your app as separate localized resource files stored within your app’s bundle.

use apple apis to correctly express user-visible or dynamically generated values across different locales (e.g., dates, lengths, weights, prices, and currency symbols). ensure your app accepts user-generated text in any language and in multiple languages at once, independent of the language of the user interface.

Translate user-visible content. Create or modify language-specific versions of nib files, text, icons and graphics (especially those containing culture-specific images), audio, and video for each locale. This process typically doesn’t require modifications to your source code, making it easy to work on translations in-house or with an external localization service.

Advance your localization with culturalization.红包扫雷群发布 A localization that reflects an understanding of local customs and trends will increase the likelihood that your app is well received. Incorporate culture-specific content and regional seasons or holidays. Provide local social sharing options, such as messaging, social networking, or email services, so that users can easily share their app experience.

Localize your App Store metadata. Localize your app name and update your App Store metadata, such as your app description, keywords, and screenshots, for each of the countries or regions in which you offer your app. Beyond directly translating your app description, research what users from different markets value in an app in your category. For details on localizing metadata, keywords, and screenshots, read .

Reach a local audience through your marketing.红包扫雷群发布 Well-localized marketing materials make it easier for users to learn about your app, and will help to ensure that your app appears relevant to your audience. Research local social networks in which to spread the word about your app, as these may vary significantly across markets.

Use the Download on the App Store badge in your app marketing communications as a clear call to action to download your app. The badge is available in 40 localizations, and it’s another simple thing you can do to make your app stand out to a broader audience. View the App Store Marketing Guidelines.

Localizing Evernote for Japan

evernote began localizing its app for japan by speaking with japanese users to learn more about their preferences and culture.

Programming Resources

With Apple technologies, it’s easy to create localized apps that perform seamlessly on iOS and macOS regardless of language. Take advantage of Auto Layout to automatically adjust the dimensions and layouts of views, extensive Unicode support to work with text from any language, the powerful text-handling technologies of Cocoa and Cocoa Touch to display, lay out, and edit text in many languages, and much more.


Documentation and Downloads

Apple Developer Forums

ask questions and discuss localization with apple engineers and other developers.